These six images were made on tres de mayo
the birthday of my elder brother but they
don't have anything to do with that phenomenon.

Broke Back Backhoe
click for fullframe uncropped version

The LGM's * brought me a bunch of wee petzval's
and the 2 wee-est ones I thought perhaps would
be of no use at-all at-all on 4X5.

click for fullframe version

I challenged myself to "go and see" which is
something I almost always do with relish!
I originally figured perhaps they would work
well on half frame 4X5.  I have a fine old
sliding frame graflex half frame set-up but
it requires graflok's and the new Chamonix
4X5 though it has grafloc's was not up to the
task.  Hmm.  I would need something that
would focus at about 65mm even though
I had calculated the focal length to about 85mm.

Soiled Grave
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The Deardorff 5X7 with 4X5 back was
as close as I could get.  For a shutter I
selected a 4 1/2" Packard.  I slipped a
1 1/2" abs male adapter over the barrel
of the lens and hot glued the Packard onto
the resulting bell out in front of the lens.

White Washed Grave
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I used 6 sheets of 25 asa Efke film for
these.  Since I couldn't use the graflex
split framer I just shot round circles onto
the 4X5 figuring I would crop to half frame
in Photo shop.  The surprise was how
cool the circular pictures turned out to
be!  Fun!

End of the line.
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Leaning Cross
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* Little Green Men