Here are the first fruits of hopefully many images
done with a common lens that has been purposely
converted to soft focus service.

2 cups, open Bible f4.5

What is interesting is how firm but round the images
become at small aperture.  Wide open they are soft
and dreamy, but at f32, not brutally crisp, but I
would define as above, firm and round.

2 cups, open Bible f32

The lens is a Wollensak Velostigmat 8 1/4" of
perhaps 1916 vintage.  As is known, there was no
soft focus ring available on lenses smaller than
9 1/2 inch.  So the smaller formats go begging.

doorway to life f4.5

I took the front most element out of the barrel
and spaced it forward .065 inch.  Everything
else is as normal.

doorway to life f45

I think I'm going to love this lens.  These are 5X7.