Photographs of Tonopah
by Nevada Photographer;
Jim Galli

"Pink Moon"
A favorite of everyone that sees it!
The "moon" was done 2 days before
the other exposure of the Mizpah Mine
buildings.  That second exposure was
28 minutes long, thus the long stream
of lights out on the highway.
Nikon FE,  300mm f4 AFED

"Mizpah Moon Glo"
This was a night time exposure illuminated
only by the moon on Fujichrome Velvia.
During the 90 minute exposure, we lit
the inside of the building with a 500,000 CP
spotlamp.  The sky color was placed on the
frame with a tobacco filter during dusk before
the second main exposure was started.
Nikon FE,  35mm f2 AI

"Desert Queen"
This is where my hearts at as far as
Photography goes.  Fine Art B / W
This was done with a Zone VI 4X5
Camera on Ilford FP4 film, developed
in Pyrogallol (an obsolete method that
dates to the 1860's) and printed on
Ilford MG IV 11X14 paper.

More to come!!!