These pages turn out to be a semi- 'blog'.
But since they don't happen with any regularity,
I'll stick with my casual format.

Just home from
"Shooting the West"
in Winnemucca Nevada.

Shooting the West is an annual event now in it's 19th
year that was begun by some northern Nevada photo
enthusiasts.  It has grown each year and at present, it
 is large enough to command some of the best speakers
and presenters imagineable.

Battle Mountain Fords

2 years ago we enjoyed John Sexton and Al Weber.
Last year was Jack Dykinga.  And last weekend I
thoroughly enjoyed listening to Robb Kendrick, the
artist that has done the "Texas Tintypes".

Battle Mountain Fords 2

The folks who put this on have done an excellent
job of keeping the Rural Nevada outback flavor.
'Shooting the West' is just that, a show about those
of us who love the western themes.  Another bonus
is that the promoters have held the fee to an amazing
$85 bucks!  A true bargain, and also the only 'show'
this cheapskate allows himself.  It's just too good to
pass up.

Happy Ford

I had the tremendous fortune of riding up in snowy
conditions with our own Dave Wooten.  Dave is a
consumate gentleman and one of the nicest people
I've had the good fortune to meet.


On the way home we stopped to explore in Battle
Mountain Nevada before turning south to Austin and
Tonopah.  The pictures I've interspersed are of a
pair of antique Fords "found" there that should
warm any Ford fan's heart.  The COE is I believe
a 1940, and the 3/4 ton is a 1938.


I used the 450mm Voigtlander APO Skopar in front of
a packard shutter on the venerable Kodak 2D 8X10 for
all but the hubcap shot.  It was done with the Cooke XV.