So, a couple of weeks ago I bid on and won a couple of
lens cells.  In the pictures they looked for all the world
like front and back from an 1890's Petzval.  They had to
find their way to Nevada from Great Britain and they
were waiting for me Sunday evening last when I got back
to Tonopah.  Price with shipping was less than $300.

Upon inspection I find 2 cemented doublets and quite
large.  I think to myself it must be an old RR and if
it is f8 it will be about 22 inch focal length.  I gave
a well needed bath in the kitchen sink.

On Monday I discover that these are 2 very different
thread styles and indeed the thread that would engage
a barrel are different pitch and size.  No matched set
these.  I also discovered that both would engage a
piece of 3" ABS sewer pipe fairly easily, and thus
the vulgar name.  I cut a 4" piece and assembled my

More surprises.  I discover that when combined, my
mismatched set focuses at infinity at about 7 3/4"
which gives an effective aperture of about f3.2 with
some pretty wild results.  Since the lens is so fast
and I'll be dealing with a Packard shutter I grab some
loads of Freestyle APHS Ortho film.  ASA 3.

The results are either real interesting or perhaps
you'll be thinking to yourself, the lens is aptly named!
In order:

'39 Ford coming out of winter hibernation

Worlds most photographed '39 Ford Pickup

Wearing the NEVADA plate proudly

a double exposure. I was trying to
get 2 distinct focus planes but it backfired.

Dynamic duo. My bride on the left and her friend Pat.
These 2 ladies get more work done by accident
than I ever will on purpose.

Notice especially in the portrait of the ladies how
the lens lifts them out of their background.
This would be a stellar lens for full plate work.