We the willing, led by the unknowing,
are doing the impossible, for the ungrateful.
We have done so much, for so long, with so little,
that we are now qualified to do anything
with nothing!

Bay Leaf Plant, Turner Reich Lens

The photos I'm showing you today are such.
I came very close to throwing the lens that
made them into the trash!

Blackeye Susan Pods, Turner Reich Lens

WHY!! you ask.  It is a funky beat up
little projection petzval that I had sold to
a friend and he returned it to me.  It's
so long and narrow that it will only
illuminate a 35mm frame.  Plus the
rear group was funky.  I could see
the dreaded rainbow rings which means
the glass elements had gotten too
close to each other.  Value = $.00

Light Fixture, JB lens

So Saturday AM last I was down playing
with some pretty light that I had first
seen in the bay leaf plant.  Venetian
blinds and gauze curtains were creating
a wonderful zebra stripe effect.  Pretty!

Bamboo #1, Secret Weapon Lens

To shorten this long story, I went upstairs
and got just the front element of that
worthless little projection petzval and plugged
it into the front of the Kodak 2D.  Mercy!
The photo above is what I viewed on the
GG before I did anything.  I put film in
and made the exposure.

Bamboo #2, SW Lens

What happened next is a phenomena that
many have experienced.  With this new
magic tool at my disposal suddenly
everything in the room had potential!

Bamboo #3, Sw Lens

I literally ran out of film and light,
but not before I made the photos you
see here with my new...
Secret Weapon Lens!

Spider Grass, SW Lens

So what is the value of this little lens
now that we know what it can do?  While
a Pinkham Bi-Quality is working it's way
to $3000 on Ebay this week, this little lens
is still worth nothing.  Can I describe it
better so you can have one too?

African Violet, SW Lens

It literally has no name or mfr.  It once
had a decal but it is scuffed about 70%
gone.  Just the front group I'm using alone
focuses at about 7 inches, covers 11X14
wildly, and has an effective aperture of f3.2.

Not bad for a trash can rescue.
It's my Secret Weapon Lens!