Welcome to a page of photographs
of Rhyolite Nevada and some of it's
near reagions.


What a grand place for those of us who
prefer to get lost in a time warp!


That was exactly what Edward Weston
loved about this place.....

'LASL' caboose


Cook Bank III

For the most part you can come to Westons
"Nevada Carthage" and make the same
photographs he did 65 years ago!

Cook Bank I

Cook Bank II

I've included 3 other 'places' that are
very much in the wonderful no-man's land
North of Death Valley and S. of Goldfield.

Bonnie Claire I

Bonnie Claire was a mine and mill that
can be found on the road to Scotty's Castle.
I spent the night here once when highway 95
was completely shut down because of an accident.

Bonnie Claire II

There's simply no other way to get to Tonopah
so I back tracked to Bonnie Claire, did some
moon lit exposures, and did these 2 shots in the AM
before I went on home to Tonopah.

Barrel Cactus, Carrara Hills

The Carrara Hills south of Beatty are some
of the most beautiful land forms in Nevada.

Storm Over the Sheep Range

This final shot of the Sheep Range is actually
east and south of Death valley but is certainly
inclusive of many many similar beautiful shots
available to photographers that will stop and
enjoy the 'way-out-back' places in Central Nevada.