The late AM of April 10th 2011 found me in
downtown oldtown Reno Nevada on 4th st in
a section that is as close to skid row as Reno
probably has.

Morris Hotel 1

Reno Gospel Mission is there and as I looked
for subject matter the Morris simply shouted
to be photographed!  The light was behind it
which means I had lovely open shade on the
front of the ancient building.

Morris Hotel 2

The Morris was once an important Hostelry on
Reno's main drag, Hwy 40.  It sat on the very
corner of 4th street where the Nevada California
& Oregon swings away from the SP main line
at a right angle and heads north to Oregon.

The gorgeous old NCO Depot and offices bldg.
is directly catty corner across the tracks and on
the N. side of 4th street from the Morris.

Morris Hotel 3

So if you were traveling by train to Lakeview or
Alturas, or perhaps Amadee, you could step off the
Southern Pacific, get a great nights sleep in the
Morris, and walk across the street to board the
NCO in the morning.

Morris Hotel 4

The Morris is lost in time.  I picture the lovely
front treatment probably added in the 1920's
when scooping motor travelers on Hwy 40 in
for a nights rest was important business.

It seems no one has touched it since.

David McCreight strolled across the tracks
and asked me if I would take a picture of him.

David F. McCreight

Of course I said YES!  These are 8X10 on Kodak
Aerial Recon Panatomic X cut to fit the holders.
The lens is a funny little no name WA anastigmat
of 7" focus.  I love the way it buzzes.