Since the front page has gotten out of control,
Here is a page with links to newest work with
the antique lenses.

Soft Focus with the Smaller Velostigmat's
that lacked the Fuzz-U-Lator Ring 14Mar2010

A page with work done with 42cm Heliar and
41.5cm Portrait Euryscop.

A page of afternoon pictures of the '39 Pickup
done with a No-Name W.A Anastigmat and
an ancient Goerz Dagor

More '39 Picky-up done with a 300mm Bausch
& Lomb f6 Extra Rapid Rect. in modern Copal 3

Boobs Rule!

The Mighty Mizpah Hotel! 06-2011

The Morris Hotel!  4th Street Reno 04-10-11
No Name WA Anastigmat

Tonopah Skyline!  New York has a skyline.... does Tonopah!

The Pink Butte  Out in God's country between
Tonopah and Belmont

A Page of Pictures  Hanging out at Megans House
waiting for Asher to be born.

2! Pages of Pictures  Done at National Auto Museum
Pinkhams Petzvals Euryscops

3! Pages of '31 Coupe Pictures  comparing 3 rare Voigtlander
Portrait lenses.

Shots of the Venerable '39 Pickup with a
No-Name 11 inch Petzval 03-10-2012

A Large Page of images using
2 Petzvals, Gundlach & Kollmorgen in front of a Nikon

A Mini Comparison of 3 Killer Soft focus
lenses on the '31 Coupe. Struss, Hyperion, LBB&Co

Keep Checking Back, as this is where most
anything new will go now.