When I got the 3 Plus X sheets out of the developer
I decided I needed to do 5 more and give the Beach
a couple more tries, as well as the new big Velo.

Gerstner Machinists Chest, Wollensak Beach Series B 14" @ f45

So up we went for these final 5.  The Beach is a real
surprise.  It's a 14" Series B which is supposed to be
soft wide open.  I was surprised how soft it IS!

coffee things, Wollensak Beach Series B 14" @ f4.5

Now the Gerstner box on this page was done with
the Beach at f45.  It's pleasingly round, but it's
anything but crisp.  Superb for group shots I'll bet.

coffee things, Cooke Aviar Anastigmat 14" @ f5.6

The third lens isn't new, but it has never failed to
impress me.  It's one of the British Air Ministry
14" f5.6 anastigmats.  I'm no expert, but some of
these were Dallmeyer Tessar's, and some like the
2 I have are Cooke Aviar's.  I happen to be an
Aviar fan and it's easy to see why with what this
lens does.

coca~cola, Cooke Aviar Anastigmat 14" @ f5.6

Well, that got me to 15, which is my lucky number,
and I quit.......for now.  So many lenses, So little time.

coca~cola, Wollensak Velostigmat Series II @ f4.5,fuzz-u-lator at about 3/16ths