Easter weekend was a time to relax and play with
a couple of new lenses plus some old ones that do
not get used often enough.

Gary, Pinkham Bi-Quality 14" wide open

A friend was over and I offered to do a good portrait
of him for his wife's birthday.  A victim!

Gary, No-Name achromatic meniscus 15"

Gary looked at the equipment and the lenses and was
unduly impressed.  I told him just because a man owns
a lot of Bibles doesn't make him a preacher.  Same goes
with giant cameras and lenses.

Gary, Voigtlander Euryscop Serie IV #4, 14 1/4" @ f6

That said, I took the opportunity to use some world
class glass including a Pinkham & Smith Bi-Quality,
Voigtlaender Euryscop and Petzval, and a no name
achromatic meniscus.  All of the photos on these
3 pages were done in 8X10.

Gary, Voigtlander Petzval 12" @ f4

I tried both some harshly contrasty light, and some
rather flat light.  These were just done simply with
window lighting in my living room.

Gary, Pinkham Bi-Quality 14" @ f5.6