Saturday morning 12-09-2006 was bright and cold.
A perfect morning to play with 3 new-2-me lenses
that had come the previous day.  Ultimately I added
a fourth lens to round up the number of negs for
the JOBO 3005 tank.  These are all 8X10's.

Gundlach Meniscus 18" f6

These were all done within a short time using
the Kodak 9a studio camera and available light.

Gundlach Meniscus 18" f8 1/3

If you're like me you'll have to go up and down,
back and forth trying to pick which lens you
like.  Most of you will land on the Aviar f22.

Gundlach Meniscus 18" f11 1/2

We're so geared to "Adamsesque" contrast and
sharpness.  Soft high key photographs are an
acquired taste.  I admit I do the same thing.
The Aviar f6 makes me salivate.

Cooke 12 1/2" Aviar f6

What is surprising is how very much the same
scene can differ with the different lenses
personalities shining through.  Each one seems
to be shouting "pick me!"

Cooke 12 1/2" Aviar f22

So which one caught your fancy?

Meyer Goerlitz Aristostigmat f6.5

Meyer Goerlitz Aristostigmat f22

Beach Multifocal Series A 16" f4.5

Beach Multifocal Series A 16" f11 1/2