One of the ways I talk myself into lenses I
don't really need is, if it needs a small repair
that I feel I can accomplish, I figure I can enjoy
it for a while and it'll actually be worth a little
bit more when I sell it because of what I fixed.

shiny black fode

So this is the lens Eddie offered on the LFForum
the other day with all of the caveat's.  He did a
fine job of describing it's problems and any thinking
person would have moved on.  Not me!

38 Fordy

I convinced myself I would be able to solve these
 minor issues.  I've had some success freeing stuck
threads and repairing balky apertures.  And a
Series IV #3 was a size I no longer owned since
I sold my Bi-Quality to finance the '29 Roadster.


See how easy that was.  Talked myself into it, and
Eddie is always willing to banter and barter about
price to some extent.  So we closed a deal on it.

Well, to make an unnecessarily long story short,
I made everything worse.  The aperture is beyond
balky now, it's unusable.  And the stuck threads,
well, they weren't so much stuck as mis-matched,
so that's not fixed.

sun glint

But the good news is, as beat up as it is, the Pinkham
glass shines like the noon day sun.  I knocked out
these images in a 20 minute period on full plate.  I
think the old girl has found a home.


The Ford?  Oh that's something I drug home that
I'm having a lot better luck with than Eddie's
Pinkham Smith lens.