The new rule at the Galli's is fuel budgeting.  My bride
wanted to drive 750 miles to be with her dad on Father's
Day.  And there is good precedent for that as he is 81
and not in perfect health any more.  We decided to
make the trip and cut another at some later time.

Another new rule is when we're going to be out and
about, the camera will go along, as I will not be any
longer able to just throw kit in the truck and drive
150 miles to play with the cameras.  Thus it was
that the Kodak 2D 8X10 and a small group of
ecclectic lenses went along for the ride.

oil decanters #1

On Saturday, everyone in the place went on a
shop-a-thon and I stayed at my in-laws with the
doggies and cameras.  By and by as I was perusing
Ebay, I saw the light hitting the group of decanters
skylighted on a tile countertop island from the back
and the side.  I wondered what the Pinkham Synthetic
Series V 9" could make out of that.  I went to work
as the doggies looked on puzzled.

oil decanters #2

Then, since the camera was set up and I was enjoying
myself, I carried it out to the parkway and put a lovely
Ross 18" f5.6 Universal Petzval on the front.  Now
Ross, being in direct competition with Dallmeyer had
2 series of Petzval's that correspond to the Dallmeyer
Series A f4 and Series D f6.  Ross going one better
had an f3.5 as the studio flagships and the Universal
f5.6 to compete in the field with the Series D's f6.

Reed #1

Ford and Chevy in a horsepower war.  I hadn't used
the Ross since it came to me from down under.
Neither had I used a new to me Dallmeyer 2A.  This
time the Ross won out.  It is right at the size limit
for a Kodak 2D 6X6 wood lens board.  Being f5.6
the extra focal length comes in the same size
package as the 13.5 inch Dallmeyer 2A.

Reed #2

I set up and focused on the tree, and looked for
a victim.  Actually I knew good and well that
Reed was working cleaning his driveway and
yard next door.  When he came up the driveway
with a load of cuttings, I nailed him.  I'll repay
his graciousness with a portrait that he likely
couldn't have gotten on purpose in all of
Los Angeles.

Although the camera remained set-up and ready,
these 4 pictures were all that I did the entire
weekend.  Other opportunities would have seemed