Portraits of Mike and Sam

I was down at Lambertucci's Roma, the old Associated Gas
station just at the far north end of Tonopah working with a
couple of new 2 me lenses.  A Pinkham Bi-Quality, and a
much more common 8X10 Bausch & Lomb Tessar

mike n sam, pinkham bi-quality no.1

As I was putting things away, I saw Mike running across the
highway from the new housing for the Solar Reserve project.

mike n sam, pinkham bi-quality no.2

His wife Sam had seen the ancient camera and car and wanted
to know if I would do portraits for them.  I said sure, and got
the camera put back together while Mike ran back to get Sam.

mike n sam, cooke series ii portrait no.2

Long story short, I only had one sheet of film left, and the
picture was no good.  Fogged.  Not sure why.  Back not on
all the way?  Maybe.

mike n sam, cooke series ii portrait no.1

So I came back the next day and did this little set.  On these
I used the Pinkham Bi-Quality again, and I substituted a
Cooke Series II Portrait lens for the Tessar.