Pinkham & Smith Series II Semi Achromatic f6!

Is it the holy grail of soft focus lenses...........?

I've made 6 images so far.  Barely scratched the
surface.  Even in 2 days and 6 images I think I'm
seeing something unique.  Or maybe I paid so much
for the lens I've convinced myself that the true
silver bullet is finally in my hands!   :rolleyes:

I'll share what I've done so far, grit and all.  You
decide, but, cut me some slack, I've only had it
2 days!

Day 1.

5 apples 

bamboo chutes

Day 2

On the second days images I decided to do each image
both wide open, and at f11.

Lionel And Ives

Lionel and Ives f11

5 apples ii

5 apples ii f11

Tribute to Mary Colter

Tribute to Mary Colter f11

old shoe

old shoe f11