Here's a page of still life done with the 12"
Pinkham & Smith Semi Achromatic.  It is a
pleasure to use.  I had fun with these whimsical
little scenes done with yesteryears toys.

Ives 258 & 2 Grahams

The TootsieToy cars and trucks belonged to
a friend of mine in Tonopah.  We had the Sears
catalog store and Tom was a customer.  Tom
used to tell me about his cars.  When he was
a laddie in So. Cal. in the late 1920's and early
1930's his mom would give him a nickel to
go to the cinema each saturday.

express truck

Tom said he would always take his nickel
and go buy another car or truck for his

3 graham paige cars

After Tom passed away his wife offered to
let me keep whatever I wanted if I would
clean Tom's old abandoned house out and
take the stuff to the dump.  I was excited
when I found the box of cars and trucks!

Ives 258 & Graham Roadster

Tom's widow said Oh, No, she would want
to keep those.  I had to work 2 more days on
extra projects for her to get the collection
of cars and trucks.  They are wonderful
to photograph.