Admittedly, I began this little project with the end
aim of selling the lens that created the pictures.

coke & ricegrass

It is a little non-descript ancient projection petzval
that doesn't even have the distinction of a name.

cokebottle, coke glass, ricegrass

  I offer no apology for being a capitalist.  But as the
project advanced I had such a good time and liked
the images so much, I decided to keep it.  But then,
the little green men already brought me another
one today so this one is for sale if you want it.

cokebottle, coke glass, ricegrass ii

These were done in a single afternoon with the
pressures of a dinner party in our home later in
the same day.  I was hanging the negs to dry just
as our first guests arrived.

Coca-Cola script

There are seven images in the order I made them.
The first 2 are with the complete 5" petzval.  The
next 3 were made with just the front group from
the petzval which is roughly an 8 1/2" achromatic
meniscus doublet.  Then the final 2 were done as
the first 2 with the petzval complete again.

3 mack trucks

I simply used my Speed Graphic curtain shutter
for most of these.  It was dark as a cave as the
afternoon wore on and some of them got into
the full second category before I was finished.

ives 258 locy

Is it any doubt that the original designers of the
shapes we associate with sweet fizzy drinks
were wise enough to lure our sensibilities with
the female form.  Coca-Cola!

coke black on black

Have fun, ask questions, and thanks for having
a look.