Saturday night April 26th 2008 was
A Night in the Old West
in Tonopah Nevada.

Bob Perchetti. Guilty of faulty hauling of the jail!

I was asked to bring my antique portrait
camera and do portraits for a fee.  I agreed
but I wasn't too sure what I would do.

Sheriff Tony Demeo, Guilty of associating with floozy's

The convention center in Tonopah Nevada
is fairly dark so initially I was picturing
using strobes.  But ultimately it seemed not
within keeping with the old west theme.

The Peavine Pickers!! They Rocked!

The camera and lens were totally OLD West.
The camera is an original Anthony wet plate
camera from the 1880's sold by Geary & Co.
of San Francisco.  Its a giant studio camera
that has to have a rolling stand.  It has been
fitted with a later 8X10 back.  Stand was a
Century No. 1, and the lens is a
Voigtlander Euryscope Portrait Series II f4
of about 14 inch focal length.  The lens dates
to about 1886 I believe.

Dennis Eastley

So in the end I decided to shoot wide open and
just use longish exposures.  I was getting 1/2
second wide open on Efke 100 film.  As the
night and fun progressed, lights got dimmed and
at the end of the evening I shot a
couple of frames at 4 seconds.

John & Becky Ballard

The antique camera and idea of a real photographer
shooting real film and making real prints was quite a hit.
But as the evening progressed, the wine flowed
sweet, the lights went down, and mistakes were
 made.  C'est la vie!!

Asa & Ruthie Kelley

Oz &

Fred and Tina Ketten

Jerry & Ronnie Link

Mark & Teresa Madsen

Madsen Group