Here's a little afternoons pleasure doing some
shots of the venerable '39 pickup with a no-name
11 inch f4 petzval.

The lens is ancient.  Probably 1860's.  No name
but it's a dead ringer for the Voigtlander of the
same vintage.  Compared side by side though the
Voigtlander is more substantial and a bit finer

Each of these has a personality of it's own.  The
very things that would have set it apart as a cheap
imitation of the benchmark Voigtlander then are
the traits that endear a lens to us now.

This one swirls like crazy.  It won't cover an 8X10
plate even moved in close.  I think it has personality +

These 4 shots were done on Kodak Plus X in the
Kodak 2D 8X10 camera.  Of course, with such a
handsome subject, how could you make a bad picture?