It's been a while since I blogged about a new lens
acquisition.  This one is about an unusual theatre
projection petzval, a Gundlach, but unusual because
it's so fast.  6" f2.4  Holy cow.

4 tootsietoy cars

The first batch of pictures is done in a normal
fashion on 4X5 with the Speedy Graphic.  I don't
know how else you'd use this little guy except
for a focal plane shutter that can get you 1/1000th.


lilly grass

harley davidson

horse trailers

cut glass basket

tiny flowers


Next day, I thought to use the front element alone
on 8X10 as a soft focus lens.  It is I think nearly
identical to my 'secret weapon lens' that I did
a couple of pages with about 3 years ago.

For these I mixed up some Dektol and did a
series of paper negatives on cheap old Kodak
Polycontrast F.  I used a no. 1 filter out in
front of the lens to soften the contrast on
the paper negs.  I had lots of fun with these.

coke n coffeepot

hammered teacups i

hammered teacups ii

tea & coffee cups

ives 258

4 tootsietoy cars

hermagis & pulligny


snow white