New 2 me Zeiss 300mm Tessar today.  It has sticky
shutter blades and a bit of fungus, but I couldn't wait
for a service.  I wanted to make some pictures.  So I did.

passenger door side

I had good evening light.  Last 20 minutes of the day,
and I very nearly didn't get these 4 knocked off.  I needed
at least four to fill out the JOBO processor.

vent window

Film is Aerial Recon Panatomic X, and the format for these
is 6½X8½ an unusual size these days.  What Europe called
full plate.  I love these printed centered on 11X14 with a
white rebate.

self portrait

The Model A is such a willing subject.  I walk around it and
try to see where the light is talking to it.  By the time I did
the final shot, the one with the cowl lamp, it was dark
enough that I tripped the broken shutter 3 times at 1/8th
second.  On one of the 3, I turn the cowl lamp on.  Just
enough to make it pop.

wink light

I've got a soft spot for good Tessar's.  Only the f4.5 1C
versions though.  I don't care about the f6.3 ones.  And
I like coated ones from the late '40's, to mid '50's.  And
obviously, I like them shot wide open with selective
out of focus areas.  Not sure that last one worked.