Thanks for sticking with me.  The photographs on this
page really speak for themselves.

cadillac, mizpah mine, tonopah, nv.

These were done 3 nights ago when the
Classic Car Club of America
visited Tonopah for the evening.

the bumblebee

I did the requisite Pano with the Nikon and then
spent about 40 glorious minutes making these.

caddy sloper

40 minutes was all I got and as I finished the final
shot a guy behind me was revving up his Packard
about to run over me if I didn't get out of the way.


lalique ii

The CCCA is a rich man's club.  Only cars that
were rare and "fine" when they were made
between 1925 and 1948 are allowed.  I didn't
park the '39 Ford in the group!  No jalopies
allowed thank you.

stutz eight, egypt god 'ra'

The exception is the little BumbleBee Chevy.
It's owner is a local guy but it was really a
neat little car to photograph.  He didn't park
it with the Packards and Cadillac's either.
A little closer than my Ford but still not in
the mix with the snooty full classic's.

split window, mizpah hoist

Hope you had some fun looking at these.  The
LBB & Co. meniscus compares nicely with 2
other lenses that come to mind readily.  My
9" Series V Pinkham & Smith, and my 12" Struss.

I paid $1300+ for the Pinkham and $1500 for
the Struss.  The LBB was $48.  It suffers the
same fate as the '39 Ford does surrounded by
Packards and Lincolns.

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