Admittedly these get stronger as I used the lens.
Normally you show the strongest stuff first and
work to the weakest....but...I'm not normal.

silver top reflections

This second group was by purpose after I had
developed and seen just how sweet the lens
was for real with the '39 pickup shots.

stove and chair

I made a trip up into the Tonopah Historic
Mining Park with the 5X7 Speedy in tow.

light bulb

As I finished that first shot of the window
reflections it began to blow.  HARD!, and rain.

hoist operators window

So undaunted I moved inside the Silver Top
Hoist building and did the rest you see here.


OK, the one of the windows in the operators
area is kind of weak but still, I was really
pleased with the group as a whole.

oil cans

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