It's been a while since I posted one of these blogs.

antique door

The results of a recent lens purchase seemed so
promising that I am moved to show them off just
a little.

tennessee tuxedo

The lens is an 1860's (educated guess)
LBB & Co.
achromatic meniscus landscape lens.

'39 ford, dusk

I buy these lenses from time to time on Ebay or
wherever when they are affordable just to see
what the signature will look like.  There seems
to be very roughly about a 30% chance that
you'll get something interesting in it's own right.

'39 ford!

This one took my breath away from the first moment
I looked on the ground glass.  It just seems to have
some of the most perfect buzz I've seen.

harley davidson motor cycles

Indeed, I've made about 18 pictures with it and
I would publish all 18.  How many lenses have
a 100% success rate??  And the film is loaded
to go make more.

pam's daisies

I've decided to show these in the order made.  That
way they fall easily into 3 6 picture groups.  I'm
guilty of doing my 5X7's in 6's so they'll be full
loads in the JOBO.  Stupid, I know.  The first
group, the group on this page, is called

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