Last week (Oct. 10-15 2005) I had the privilege to attend a
unique photographic experience.  A workshop where Bruce
Barnbaum, Jay Dusard, and Yousef Khanfar were the instructors.

On the second morning we had a field session in the Little Painted
 Desert near Winslow AZ.  Many of the participants hiked down
 into the narrow canyons to photograph but the flat light from
the overlook had set my mood for other things.

As we waited for the gorgeous late morning to pass there
was some lively discussion happening in a shaded area with
tables between Yousef and some of us that had remained
at the rim.  I seized the opportunity to test a ‘new-to-me’
antique lens.  The lens is of course another Ebay treasure.
It is a huge Bausch and Lomb magic lantern petzval type.
15 inch with a full f4.5 aperture.  Since it was a projection
lens there is no other choice but wide open.  I did full head
portraits on 8X10 film from about 3 + or – feet away.


I used Michael Aune as my guinea pig.  The first 2 shots are
of Michael as I got my position and focus dialed in a bit.
Michael is a fellow fine art enthusiast with an eye very similar
to mine.  He calls his work “Remnants” as he feels he is
capturing small pieces of cultures and landscapes nearly lost.
His pictures are more than successful and it was a pleasure to
work with him.

Michael II

Yousef Khanfar is a national photographic treasure.  A man with
a unique combination of both intellectual energy, humor, and a
heart so large I don’t know how it fits inside.  He is doing some
of the most far reaching color photography of our day and it was
 more than a privilege to meet and work with him.


The prints were done on Kentmere VC FB Finegrain Semi-Matte paper developed in dektol.  Film was Efke 100 developed in Pyrocat HD.

I have one glaring mistake to report:
I didn’t make more portraits on that or any of the other days.