For many years I considered myself not adaptable
to portraiture.  I'm too shy and retiring.  It seems
that a good portaitist needs to be somewhat outgoing.

Still, people never cease to amaze me how gracious
they are.  Once I work up the courage to ask, it
usually becomes a win - win situation.

Justus & Krista, 19" Hermagis Eidoscope  

Such was the case yesterday with Justus and Krista.
I've had the pleasure of watching Justus grow up as
his mom and dad are dear to our family.  He's been
off to school and life for about 7 years and returned
during spring break this year with his lifes mate that
he found in Seattle.  What a joy!

Justus & Krista, Voigtlander Heliar

But being with family for just a few short days has
many demands.  Everybody's pulling you a different
direction.  So much to do, so little time.  I knew if
I could get them up to the studio it would be for just
a few short minutes.  No leisure these.

Justus & Krista, Heliar

Yesterday, I got my 20 minutes.  I had no time to
prepare, and it's times like these that you are glad
that you've filled your requisite dumpster with other
mis-spent efforts because to get these done you are
really falling back on experience.  And some luck.
I rolled the massive Century 8 in front of them and
we just had a joyous time making these even though
it was very short.  I used 2 lenses.  A 480mm
Voigtlander Heliar, and a 480mm Hermagis Eidoscope.

Justus & Krista, Eidoscope

Both were wide open and make an interesting
comparison.  The Eidoscope is a lens Clarence
White would be at home with in 1907, while the
Heliar is a lens you can always fall back on.  It
never fails to please with just the right amount
of detail and smoothness.

2 more that were waiting in the holders for
me to develop them.

Jon Wilson, Winnemucca Hotel, 16" Beach

Jon Wilson was gracious enough to pose as
we killed some time waiting for the Basque
ladies at the Winnemucca Hotel to finish
dinner preparations on Saint Paddy's Day.
We were enjoying "Shooting the West XIX"
I used the 11X14 Deardorff Field camera
and a 16" Beach Multifocal Series A @ f8.

Matt Blais, Bodie CA., Pinkham & Smith Visual IV

Matt Blais was cornered in Bodie Ca. October
last at Per Volquartz workshop.  It was my
final shot of the day and somehow I knew it
was probably underexposed.  It waited for
a batch of other films that I thought would
need plus development.  +2 turned out to be
perfect.  Pinkham & Smith 13" Series IV
Visual Quality @ f5.6 with the Kodak 2D 8X10