This is a comparison of 7 different antique soft focus
portrait lenses all on a common subject.  It's boring
looking at the same picture for all 8 comparisons... hope was that we could get a feel for the
nuances of differences using that method.

Your first thought might be the ease of putting
7 different lenses on the camera and just snapping
another picture.  Actually each lens has a different
focal length and thus the camera position was
changed pretty drastically each time.  Everything
from 10" to 19" focal lengths, 3 different cameras.

All of the photos but 2 were shot wide open.  #6 and
#8 were both stopped down about 1 stop from wide
open.  Hope this is helpful.  You can let me know if
 you like at:  J I M G A L L I @ L N E T T . C O M

Click on the photos for a high resolution version.
If your computer resizes, hold your cursor at the
bottom right corner and click the "out arrows".

Pinkham & Smith 10" Series VI Synthetic

Hermagis Eidoscop #2 14.5 inch

18" Gundlach Achromatic Meniscus

14" Pinkham & Smith Visual Quality Series IV

15" Puligny Anachromatique

13.5" Voigtlander Portrait Euryscop Series II #6 @ approx. f8

19" Hermagis Eidoscop #1 @ f4.5

19" Hermagis Eidoscop #1 @ f6