1927 Willys Overland Whippet grille Struss

The Whippet grille is a digression to my hot rodder past.
The Willys Overland Whippet is a non-descript un-exciting
car except the grille was a darling of the late 1940's
hot rodding crowd.  Most of these grilles survive at the
nose of a well done '32 - '34 Ford lakester.  I had to give
it a nod.  Plus the pin lighting across the top was fun.

1934 Chrysler Airflow Pinkham & Smith

1934 Chrysler Airflow Struss

Is it true your "seeing" gets better the farther you walk
into a project.  I think the 1934 Chrysler Airflow was my
best seeing in these 5 hours.  Pure form.  It dazzles me.
Again the P&S gets the nod here simply because it has
the complete composition which is slightly cropped with
the 12" Struss.

1932 Ford Script Struss

1932 Ford Script Cooke

What do you do when you're dazzled by this much golden
era automobile chrome.  Mercy!  Thankfully I ran out of
film at the 1930 Duesenburg.  As I finished the last shot
of the Deusy the lady came over the loud speaker saying
they would be closing in 1/2 hour.

1933 Caddy Series 452 Struss

1933 Caddy Series 452 Pinkham & Smith

If ever there was a bottomless gold mine to work in, this
is the place.  And the fact that they welcome you with
your 5X7 and tripod goes a long way.  That's getting hard
to find in our overly fussy world it seems.

1930 Deusenburg Struss

1930 Deusenburg Pinkham & Smith

Well, I hope you've had 1/100th the fun wading through
these that I had making them.  Questions or comments
are the whole reason I make these pages so let me here
from you.  jim dot galli at frontier dot com  

Below are 2 links that have critical comparison pictures side by side in a common
frame for those who are interested in making a scholarly comparison.

The 1930 Duesenberg, Struss on the left Pinkham on the right.

The 1933 Cadillac Series 452, Struss on the left, Pinkham on the right.