I'm loading the photos on these pages pretty much in the order
that I made them.  As I walked about I was looking for light and
form more than anything else.  I have been passionate about
antique autos my entire life and have had old Ford's about me
continuously since I was 13 years old.  So I am a kid in a candy
shop in this place.  For this trip I went straight for the Golden era
autos of the '20's and '30's.  Next time I'll go Victorian Brass.

1937 Aeromobile Cooke

1937 Aeromobile Struss

Most of the first pictures were exclusively done with the Karl
Struss Pictorial lens as I was just getting aquainted with it.  Soon
though I decided it would be fun to make identical pictures with
the Pinkham & Smith Series V Synthetic to compare their
respective looks and personalities.  I found they are very very
close but not identical in their look.

'25 Franklin Grille Struss

'25 Franklin Grille Pinkham & Smith

As I compare the photos critically side by side sometimes the
P&S wins, and sometimes the Struss wins.  Most often the P&S
wins because of the better focal length to image ratio vss the
longer Struss.  I was too lazy to move the tripod as they are
really close.  The Struss and P&S have unique looks, but not
unique enough that if both were readily available you'd have
to have them both.  They are very close.

'21 Copper Rolls Royce Pinkham Smith

'21 Copper Rolls Royce Struss
The Struss lens gets it's image flare from coma.  You can see
the directional flare out in the highlights depending on which
side of optical axis.  The P&S has lovely round flare at the

'21 Copper Rolls Royce ii Pinkham & Smith

'21 Copper Rolls Royce ii Struss

The best of the best soft focus lenses get their
reputation by being able to present a sharp image within the
soft image.  Lesser lenses make mush and call it soft.  I would
rate either of these lenses very highly for that criteria.  ALL
of the detail is present in these photographs yet they glow.
Unless stated, every one of these was shot wide open.  The
only exception is the '32 Frod Script with the Struss at f11.  It
was also the nearest focus / macro.

Jolson 1933 Cad Series 452 Cooke

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