Saturday the 13th of December 2008 presented a unique
photographic opportunity to me.  I was visiting Reno and
my wife was attending a baby shower so it was decided I
should make myself scarce.

1907 thomas flyer struss 12

As good luck or good planning would have it, I had my
freshly serviced 5X7 Speed Graphic and 3 lenses with me,
as well as a pretty goodly supply of loaded film.  The Speedy
already had been fitted with 2 lenses, the 9" Cooke Series
III f6.5 that came with it, and a 10" Pinkham & Smith Series
V Synthetic.  2 days earlier I had received a Karl Struss
Pictorial lens of 12" focal length and I was anxious to give
it a good spin.  I shot 25 sheets of film with these three.

1907 thomas script

script detail, struss lens

I'm no Huntington Witherill but I've loved his series done at
the Concours de Elegance and I thought perhaps I could find
some lovely shapes and light at the National Auto Museum
in Reno.  I called and confirmed that tripods and large
cameras were allowed.  They said,  "Come on down!"

thomas, oil funnel struss lens

There are so many pictures and they are so large that I felt
I should spread them over 3 pages for a change.  This is page 1.
Many of the photos are nearly identical.  My purpose was to
have good comparison shots between especially the Pinkham
and the Struss.  I did a few with the Cooke just for some reality
to compare the lovely softness against.

tokheim clockface pump struss lens

28 model a ford struss lens

28 model a ford cooke lens

1917 franklin V window struss lens

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