I haven't said much about the Gundlach Series B Petzval.

1936 Desoto, non-airflow. Plasticca 12" lens

It shows up for it's 3rd picture next to last on this page for
a comparison with a similar shot from the Plasticca.  Because
of the subject matter, the Gundlach is the easy winner here.
It simply pleases the eye.

1936 Desoto, non-airflow. Plasticca 12" lens

The Series B lenses were f4 and Gundlach did a wonderful
job of modernizing their lenses in the 1920's.  It is the smallest
possible 14" f4 lens imaginable.  Light and compact for what
it is, it's the perfect field lens for the old Kodak 2D.  I have
Darlot and Voigtlander 12" brass petzvals that are much
bigger and heavier than this 14 inch is.  Sweet.

1935 Duesenburg Hubcap. Plasticca 12" lens

Near the end of the day I ran out of my favorite film loads,
Kodak Aerial Recon Panatomic X, and switched to some
loads of the same in Tri-X.  You can see the grain in the
Duesy hub cap shot and the 2 Reno Fire Dept. shots.  Nice
film but it hasn't aged very well.  It's a 1997 roll and has a
ton of film base plus fog.  The Pan X is clean as the wind
driven snow, and has grain characteristic like Tech Pan.

Reno Fire Dept. Plasticca 12" lens

Hope you had some fun looking at these.

Reno Fire Dept. Gundlach Series B Petzval 14"

Gilbarco Pump faceplate, Mason, NV. Plasticca 12" lens

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