Wednesday, 14 Jan. 2009, Ryker Gray De Weerd is born
to my daughter Megan and soon to be husband, Eric.

1913 Mercer, Gundlach Series B 14" lens

After the excitement while new mother and her mother
are resting and enjoying Ryker, I repaired to the National
Auto Museum in Reno to spend a glorious afternoon.

1912 Baker Electric, Gundlach Series B 14" lens

I have 3 lenses with me in kit that I am dying to sift
some photons through.  A wonderful Oscar Zwierzina
Plasticca 12 inch, an equally wonderful Gundlach
Series B f4 8X10 Petzval of 14 inches, and a scarce
Bausch & Lomb 24 inch Projection Petzval of f12
aperture which means it is small in spite of it's long
focal length.  It shares the thread with the Plasticca!

1912 Baker Electric lamp, 12" Plasticca lens

These trips are easily becoming a habit for me when
time permits while I visit my children in Reno.  The
National Auto Museum is most accomodating and
welcomes large cameras and tripods.  That in itself
is refreshing.  Add to that the visual feast inside and
you have a formula for enjoyment and for me at
least, relaxation.

1912 Baker Electric, 12" Plasticca lens

Relaxation you shout?? with an 8X10 camera outfit??
Oh, yes, totally.  For me this is the pinnacle of
enjoyment, especially so with a new lens to wring out.

1913 Mercer, 12" Plasticca lens

I try to land about 11:30 to noonish at the museum.
Then I work for a couple of hours and when the first
batch of film holders (8 - 10 shots) is used up, I carry
everything forward and the gents up front graciously
store it in a closet for me while I walk across the
street and have myself a nice sit down lunch.

Tokheim 36 "Sky Chief" pump, 12" Plasticca lens

After lunch I dive in again with fresh film holders
and work right up until they close at 5:30.  This junket
produced 18 new pictures so I will again break this
up into 3 pages with some thoughts interspersed.  For
lack of a better system, the photographs are simply
laid out in the order I took them.

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