This Gallery of images was done with 2 Petzval
lenses hand held in front of a Nikon D200.  I used
a Gundlach Mfg. Co. 3 1/4" (82mm) projection
petzval, and a Kollmorgen Snaplite 3 3/4" (95mm)
projection petzval.

the Gundlach lens seen through the Kollmorgen

All the images were done with no expensive converters
to hold them onto the camera, although, those would
be wonderful to have and insure better focus in some
of the pictures.  I simply held the lens out in front
of the Nikon and focused in the viewfinder like normal.

the Kollmorgen lens seen through the Gundlach

The results speak for themselves.   Or NOT.   Weirdness
is an acquired taste.  There's so many many perfect
pictures these days, why not make some really
crappy ones!

self portrait; gundlach

keyboard; gundlach

Huntington Witherill; gundlach

Huntington Witherill 2; gundlach

Chickering Grand; gundlach

clock; gundlach

candles; gundlach

nativity; gundlach

library; gundlach

candy pillows; Kollmorgen

ubiquitous '39 ford 1; Kollmorgen

ubiquitous '39 ford 2; Kollmorgen

ubiquitous '39 ford 3; Kollmorgen

yardwork needed; Kollmorgen

neighbor's place; Kollmorgen

fly fan; Kollmorgen

Heather, college grad; Kollmorgen

glass basket; Kollmorgen

Harley Davidson Motor Cycles; Kollmorgen