On Saturday March 22, 2008 the Nevada Boomtown Committee
and the Goldfield Historical Society hosted a 100 year celebration
of the Great Race of 1908.

Original 1908 Arrival in Tonopah NV.

In Tonopah the original photographs of the 1908 Thomas Flyer
were done in front of buildings that still exist.  We decided to
commemorate the event by having a photographic re-enactment
at the same place as the original pictures were made.

1910 Cadillac in Tonopah 03-22-2008

We used a 1908 ish Eastman Improved #2 8X10 camera with
a vintage Rochester Optical Co. 15 1/2 inch lens to make
the centennial photographs on traditional black and white film.

Goldfield Nevada with Thomas Flyer, guns blazing!

Mr. John Campbell graciously allowed us to use his 1910
Cadillac as a stand in for the original 1908 Thomas Flyer.
We tried to get the National Auto Museum interested in
our event to bring the original car back to Tonopah but
they had no interest in this project.

1909 Thomas Flyer 1

When we got to Goldfield we had a surprise.  Richie Clyne
brought his 1909 Thomas Flyer to join in the fun.  It is a
superb restoration and was reputedly Bill Harrah's favorite!
I couldn't resist some fine art captures with the 7X11 back
and 18" Verito diffused focus lens.

1909 Thomas Flyer 2

Here are the results.  I was probably over-anxious to get this
page built so do check back as it gets fleshed out with more
photos of the event.

1909 Thomas Flyer 3

Folks have asked if the photos are available For Sale.  Yes.
Here's a breakdown.

1909 Thomas Flyer Self Portrait

Archival black & white silver gelatin fine art quality contact
prints are available at $60 each.

Angela Haag, Goldfield Historical Society

> Epson prints size identical to the contact prints are available
for $20 each

Velma and grandaughter

Enlargments from the Epson are available.  Also files sized for
quality printing can be had. Address any inquiries to; jimgalli@lnett.com