Normally the antique autos stay locked up in the garage
from November to March.  But that was before the late
'31 Ford coupe.  In almost 50 years of Model A's, I never
owned a coupe.  Roll-up windows!  What an invention!

late '31 Ford Coupe at abandoned Shell Service in Goldfield, NV.

So, Saturday Jan. the 18th it was supposed to get up into
the 50's and I decided to take the 5X7 and the coupe to
Goldfield, NV. for a hamburger and some pictures.

abandoned station, unwatered trees, Crook St. Goldfield, NV

It takes about 35 minutes to go the 26 miles to Goldfield
in the bone stock coupe.  It is happy right at 50, and would
go a little more if I allowed, but I think 50 is a nice rpm to
put on the brakes and not rev any higher in the primitive
"A" motor.  Babbitt bearings.  No counterbalances.  4 1/4"
stroke.  It's busy inside there, and the oiling system is less
than primitive.  Gravity to the mains and dippers on the rods.

Caution: this door must be kept closed

I had the Deardorff 5X7 which almost never gets used, and
also a Bausch and Lomb 19CM Tessar from the 1950's that
is coated and in a Betax 4 shutter.  This lens shows zero signs
of ever being used.  It's mint.  So it needs to have some photons
sifted through it.

behind the old Shell service at Crook and Main in Goldfield, NV

When I got to Goldfield, after a quick visit to the junk shop, I
decided it was time for lunch at the Dinky Diner.  I was in for
a treat.  It smells like lunch in there!  I had a patty melt and
fries and they were excellent.  I got so carried away I bought
a T-shirt that says Dinky Diner on it!

broken windows, Shell service at Crook and Main in Goldfield, NV

After lunch I went across Crook street and made these images
next to an abandoned Shell service station.  I used the B&L for
all of the images except the last which seemed an opportunity
to use the venerable 1939 uncoated 12CM Angulon.