Photographs of Goldfield Nevada
by Nevada Photographer;
Jim Galli

Goldfield View

There is much to see and photograph
in forgotten Goldfield.
Time truly stands still here....
...but not forever!
Some of these images are already changed forever.
Like the Wayne pump across from the Goldfield Hotel.

Wayne Pump I & II

Others scenes hang on lost in their time warp.
The Red King mine is a favorite.

Red King Mine 711_1 & 711_2

This is where my heart is at as far as
Photography goes.  Fine Art B / W
of bits and pieces of the past locked in time.

The old Goldfield School won't be around much longer.

Crumbling Goldfield School

The Goldfield Hotel

'Goodyear I' & 'II'

Abandoned Goldfield House

Goldfield Cars

Goldfield Olds 54

Antique Car Body I & II

'Ford Service'

Hotel Entry

See YOU There!!!