This will be a double pager extravaganza to end 2014 in style.

kitchen group, 14X17 soft focus lens

What do you do when you've got a new-2-U Pinkham Bi-Quality
to shake down and you're away from home in Reno-Sparks NV/

Kohler tub group, 19" R. D. Artar

Well, traditionally I'd find myself at the National Auto Museum,
but this time, since we are doing a kitchen re-model, and because
my daughter works for the folks at the Ferguson showroom in
Sparks, I saw some possibilities right in their showroom.

Kohler tub group, 45 degree angle, 14X17 lens

So, in no particular order except maybe the order in which
they were made, I give to you Fergusons Showroom, Sparks, NV.

Kohler faucet group, 14X17 lens

I had 3 other lenses to play with besides the Pinkham lens.

Same Kohler faucet group, Pinkham Bi-Quality lens

Different shades of softness and even some tack sharp things
seemed like the right thing to do.

gooseneck faucet group, Pinkham Bi-Quality lens

I enjoyed myself most unbothered for a good 3 hours or so
while I put these compositions together.  Hope you'll join me
for 7 more on . . .

gooseneck faucet group 2, Pinkham Bi-Quality lens

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