Continuing my on-going exploration of ecclectic lenses that
are short on value and long on effect we have for lack of
a better name,  The EDDIE lens!

the eddie lens

This is a little Bausch & Lomb theater lens from perhaps
1940?  It was completely de-laminated.  Eddie said,
"make offers"  so I did.  I offered him $5 bucks.  Eddie
said I'll mail it to you for free since no one else wants
it, wisely figuring the bargaining power later might
surpass the lousy offer.


You never know what you're going to get with these
little lenses.  They swirl they blur they whatever.  But
this one is like an explosion in a mattress factory.  It
won't swirl, it just scatters light linearly in all directions.

haunted house

I've simply put the pictures in the order I took them
yesterday.  I reigned it in somewhat with the Desoto
pictures by moving in closer to the subject.

haunted house ii

The Desoto is for sale, but the lens isn't :~')) !  
These were done with the Speedy and Kodak

Commercial 4127 film @ asa 32.

Everybody loves an outhouse picture

'39 Ford pickup


Sam and DeSoto

Captain DeSoto