Some uncommon portraiture......
After more than 40 years of marriage with all the challenges and trials we all face as couples, Dave and Margie may finally be facing one that will seperate them.

Yesterday, Dave supply preached at church as our pastor was out of town. He taught from the 2nd chapter of Jonah. A literal view btw, but that's another discussion.

As he talked he shared about some private moments with God....regarding his lifetime friend Margie. He said that on the day she finally gave up and shaved the few tufts of hair left from her head, she curled up in her chair and went to sleep. Dave said that he looked at her little bald head and went into another room to cry his heart out before his heavenly father.

After lunch I picked up the phone and asked if I could photograph the two bald heads together. "Yes," without reservation.

Very quickly, I made these portraits for my friends with the 8X10 2D, Ektapan film. I used the 12 3/4" Cooke for the 3 combined portraits because I wanted the clarity and simplicity it renders, then I finished with the Pinkham & Smith Visual Quality for the 2 single portraits.

Ultimately, this is why I have longed to learn how to do portraits. An afternoon like this one is priceless beyond all the Pinkhams and Cookes, but they help. Join with me in praying for many more years for these 2 folks to enjoy each other.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot gain that which he cannot lose. Jim Elliot, 1949