Yesterday I wanted to test a group of lenses up in
the studio.  It's actually a whole different story but
it leads into this one.  5 different lenses, same
picture.  18" Gundlach Radar f4.5, 18" B&L
Plastigmat Portrait f5.6, 14.5" B&L Magic Lantern
triplett f5, 12" Voigtlander Euryscop Portrait f4.5,
and 19" B&L Tessar IIb f6.3.

C. P. Goerz

I processed my 5 sheets of Efke, cleaned out
my messy darkroom so I could print, and
stayed up until 2:15 AM printing.

Ives #258 Locy

So this morning I wanted to play with another
antique lens but I didn't want to go through
quite as much drill to see some results.  Plus
my Efke 8X10 loads were all used up.  Hmmm.

Orbit f16

Orbit f5

Idea!  Why not load some Polycontrast into the
810 holders.  I can shoot 3 or 4, run downstairs,
soup 'em, run back up an play some more while
those 4 are washing.  Well to make this long story
short, that's exactly what I did and it worked
so good I had completed 12 pictures in 3 hours.

Greenlee Knockout Punch Set

I'm a little leary of posting these at APUG
because of the unconventionality of the
workflow might ruffle the feathers of some
of the fundamentalist analogieu.

the devil

Since it was polycontrast, I found I needed
a #1 1/2 printing filter in the taking lightpath
to subtract contrast.  I developed 2 min.
stopped, fixed for 60 sec. rinsed in sodium
sulfite / H2O bath for 2 minutes, washed 10
minutes, and threw them on the floor in front
of a heater vent.  So I could have 4 pics
ready to scan in 30-40 minutes.

work shoes

OK, these probably won't be my lifetime
defining pictures.  Granted.  But I had a
hell of a good time playing and it was too
$%&%^* cold outside to go make important
pictures.  Plus I got to see what my old
Burke & James AJAX lens was capable of.

Gundlach Radar

OK, this one was done with the giant
18" Plastigmat Portrait.


And this one was done with a 305mm
"Lenzar" (looks like a sibling in the
Agfa Super Intergon family to me).


Pretty fun really.