I received with little fanfare recently a 1939
Schneider Kreuznach Doppel Anastigmat Symmar.


This 36cm f6.8 combined focal lens is a Dagor type
with 3 cemented elements in each of 2 groups.

weeds, siding

Uncoated, it was made long before Schneider became
the powerhouse it has been from the late 1960's
forward.  Not terribly scarce as to cause a frenzy
to the pocketbook, they don't turn up too often
and curiosity being what it is, I was pleased when
a 14" version became available.

tarpaper patch

We become weary of hearing it, but I wish I could
show you the finished prints intact instead of the
100kb facsimile's.  I just finished re-touching a few
spots and type this as I wait for the mounting
iron to heat up.

Suffice to say that perhaps the
Gold Dot 355mm Dagor will go on the block
sometime soon.  It's worth perhaps $1000 more
than what I paid for the Symmar.  I could use
the $1000 bucks and honestly, I doubt I could
tell the difference or be more pleased.

shack with '39 Ford