OK, this page isn't about Bokeh.  For those that thought
perhaps I'd gone so far over the edge that I'd never make
a sharp picture again, this page is about how a $65 lens
that covers the 11X14 format trumps all the Sironar's.

Cornbinder Lambertucci's Roma

That's right.  I used a 13" Conley Anastigmat f6.3 to make
these 4 photographs.  Sadly my 100kb scans may not
be convincing evidence.  The prints are spectacular.  If
I do say so myself.  The Conley lens is a Wollensak rebranded
product.  It is in the 1913 Wolly catalog that Seth Broder is
gracious to share with us all.  Thanks Seth!

Shack Midway Gulch

It's a 2,2+2,2 arrangement like the Cooke Series XV.  Fully
convertible, the ap scale has all 3 possibilities.  The lens came
with a group of seven other shopworn looking old lenses.
Since the glass cleaned up nicely and it's not worth anything
anyways, I decided to keep it.  Then when I saw that it
covers 11X14 very nicely and is sharp as hell, the fun began.

Windows Lambertucci's Roma

I'm the proud owner of a new 2 me Seneca 11X14 camera.
Thanks to Richard Rankin, it has a beautiful new English
bellows and is in remarkably nice condition.  I had it out
on shake down Saturday eve. and Sunday eve. just as the
sun was setting each day.  The final shot on sunday in
this little series is below.  It has an interesting tale.  Sun
is well down and I'm fighting to get everything set for this
final shot.  I calculate 120 seconds at f64 1/2.  With
reciprocity that becomes 8+ minutes, so I open the lens
and get in the truck to keep warm.  I'm painfully aware
that my light is of course dropping like a rock.  At 8
min. I calculate that it has dropped about 3 more stops
so I'm doubtful that I have anything on film.  I check
what it would take at f6 and it's about 8 secs.  So I gently
opened the aperture to f6.3 and gave it a final 10.  The neg
 is perfect.  You can make out the effect of 2 different
apertures only in the OOF area up around the chimney.

Shack2 Midway Gulch

Now I'm not saying you could put a $60 lens on your 4X5
and make 30X40 enlargements.  I am saying that the tonality
and sharpness in these contact prints exceeds what you
could get with a Sironar-S on 4X5 and enlarged to 11X14.