On a windy cold Saturday, April 10th 2010, I had
the privilege to shoot in the machine shop again
with some friends from Los Angeles.

lathe tool holder

I did just these 5 shots you see.  They are in the
order shot. For the first 3 I used a Ross Xpres
f4.5 300mm that has no aperture at all.  So the
challenge is to find compositions that use
 the shallow depth to advantage.

lathe belt speeds

The Ross is unique in it's construction.
Like a Wollensak Velostigmat that has the diffu-
sion control, the Ross can do the same thing by
simply grabbing the front ring and unscrewing it
to add space between the front air spaced elements.
The effect is different from the Wollensak, but
quite beautiful in it's own right.

horisontal mill, lamp

The final 2 were done with a Gundlach Hyperion.
Normally you grab the Hyperion for it's ultra soft
focus capability.  But in this case, I merely needed
a lens with some depth of field, and the Hyperion
has a lovely perfectly round working aperture.

drill press, tool bits table

All 5 images are done within a few feet of each
other.  Time stands still at the machine shop.  There
are a thousand more photographs waiting for me
to enjoy a quiet afternoon with the 8X10.

vertical mill drive

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