Saturday, September 23 2006 was a most
productive and enjoyable day.  Steve from
Australia and Kev drove over Tioga pass
to shoot with me in Tonopah.  We had a blast.

We concentrated on an old foundry here in
Tonopah Nevada that is private property with
the owners permission of course.  I think
the images even though the scans are
quick and dirty will speak quite loudly
for themselves.

These are all 8X10's done with the Kodak 2D.

Done with Wollensak Velostigmat 12" Series II @ f4.5

Wolly Velostigmat 12" f11

Wolly Velostigmat 12"

Hermagis Eidoscop #2

bearings soft
Eidoscop f4.5

bearings hard
Eidoscop f14

S curve
Dallmeyer 3A Petzval

Dallmeyer 3A Petzval

29 Chev in weeds I
450mm APO Skopar

29 Chev in weeds II
Eidoscop f4.5

A MOST productive afternoon.

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