After more than a week of searching for a printer
that would combine the quality and price I've envisioned
for this project, I have decided to purchase a printing
machine and do them myself.

I have witnessed the quality I can achieve and to
get anywhere close was going to drive the price of
these well over $100 so I took drastic measures
and invested a couple of thousand $$$ on equipment.

The price for a print suitable for framing will  be
just $58.00 plus $6.50 mailing fee.  They will come
to you rolled in a mailing tube.  Finished size of the
prints is 10" X 62" long exactly as they would
print 1:1 in my wet dark room.  They have a
beautiful warm black antique finish to them.

These are archival prints the equal to anything
you have ever seen hanging in a museum.

You may order your prints directly from me at

PayPal is accepted but that is the only method I
currently have to sell these with credit card.
My PayPal account name is the same as the
e-mail address above.  Otherwise please mail
payment to:

Jim Galli
POB 3909
Tonopah, NV. 89049

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