On Saturday Aug. 8th 2009 Nicolas Clapp gave a wonderful
presentation about photography in the Nevada boomtown
era around the turn of the century and for a score of years
into the 20th.  He talked about the 22" Cirkut Type camera
that Floyd Sheelor had built at Campbell & Kelly Foundry
in Tonopah Nevada.  It used film imported from France that
was 22" tall by up to 16 feet long for the largest panormic
photographs in the world.

When Nick was finished it was my turn to provide some
visual aids to what he had been describing.  Down on Main
Street, Tonopah, at the intersection where the Mizpah Hotel
and the Belvada and IOOF buildings highlight the historic
part of Tonopah best, the Nevada Highway Patrol and Nye
County Sheriff were waiting to halt traffic on Interstate 95.

With traffic stopped we quickly set up the #10 Cirkut camera
in the middle of the intersection on top of a flat bed truck to
get some extra elevation.  76 participants in the
Nevada Boomtown History Event filed out into
 the intersection making a circle of about 270 degrees.

If you count carefully you will come up with a different number.
There are 78 people photographed.  Nicolas and Bonnie Clapp
got the honor of doing our Pizza Run and being in the photo twice.
You'll find Nick and Bonnie at both ends, once with hat on, and
once waving it.

The #10 Cirkut camera made a negative 9.5 inches tall by 62
inches long.

Click on the small version to open a larger version of this photo.
If your computer resizes it to fit your screen after it is open, hover
the mouse down at the bottom right area of the photo and click
on the orange square with the 4 arrows to re-size to full.

Copies of this historic photograph will be available for purchase.
These will be very high quality, suitable for framing and printed
1:1 at the size stated above.  Stay tuned.

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