This group of images was precipitated by a request
from a prospective purchaser that I make some sort
of an image with the lens he was thinking of buying.

My thinking was that using paper and dektol for the
negative I would be able to finish his request with
very little time spent.  Ha!

I set up the bouquet of apricot blossoms and went
to work.  4 hours later I had made 8 new paper
negs with 8 different soft focus lenses.  I used good
old Kodak Polycontrast paper with a yellow filter
to soften the contrast.  Exposures ranged from 4
seconds to 13 seconds.

So here they are for your comparison pleasure.
Each photo is a link to a 600+ kb high quality
enlargement that shows the details much better
than the smaller versions.  If your browser re-
sizes, hover over the bottom right corner until
you see an icon to click that enlarges them.

Maybe the garage will get cleaned tomorrow.
It didn't today!!

apricot blossoms i
Wollensak 12" Series A f5

apricot blossoms ii
Bausch & Lomb Portrait Unar 14" f4.5

apricot blossoms iii
Puligny Anachromatique 15 3/4" f5

apricot blossoms iv
Pinkham Bi-Quality 14" f4.5 @ f6.3

apricot blossoms v
Cooke 12 3/4" f4.5 Series IIA Portrait lens

apricot blossoms vi
Cooke Aviar 14" f5.6

apricot blossoms vii
Dallmeyer 4A Petzval 18" f4

apricot blossoms viii
Gundlach Hyperion 18" f4