These 4 shots are done with a single purpose in mind.
I wanted to illustrate the ranges of softness with my
15" Spencer Portland lens.

White Owl 10 cent Cigars, f5.6

I made one small goof.  I forgot bellows factor and I
suppose I was approaching 1:1 on these so shadows
are a bit dark.  Still you can see the effect well enough.

White Owl 10 cent Cigars, f8

These were done on 8X10 Efke 100 film with a Century
10A studio camera / packard shutter.  1/8 @ f5.6,  1/4 @
f8, 1sec @ f16, and 7sec @ f32 (didn't forget reciprocity)
all easily accomplished with a Packard Ideal shutter.
Window lighting from a north facing window about 8pm.

White Owl 10 cent Cigars, f16

I focused on the numbers on the Cooke lens aperture
scale and used quite a lot of rear tilt since I was looking
down.  I used rear swing to get as much of the box lid
in focus at one time as possible.  Focused @ f11.

White Owl 10cent Cigars, f32

At 5.6 it has a ton of mojo.  At f8 it's still cooking but
throttled just a bit.  At f16 it's getting pretty sharp and
depth of field still affects focus.  At f32 you could use
it for sharp detail shots!

Click the images for a large version.

I did no sharpening in PhotoShop.
Questions and comments always welcomed.