I've done this so many times I should know better.
It's been six months ago that I made pictures with a
couple of "Cheap Old Brass Lenses" and wrote a
little ditty with pictures.

One of the other lenses that came with that group
was a small dirty chromed 4" projection lens.  I cast
 it in a parts box and never thought about it again.
That is until yesterday.  A friend that I owe a favor
to had asked for a very small Petzval that would
vignette 4X5 but still retain the Petzval signature
of dead sharp center that fades immediately to
beautiful bokeh.

So I dug out the little junker 4" lens figuring I'd
see what it was.  Land 'o Goshen if it didn't turn
out to be a diminutive Gundlach #1 4" Petzval.
Just what the doc ordered.  But how would it perform
on a 4X5?  After disassembling and cleaning I
mounted it in a "C" 4X4" lensboard figuring I'd
want to use it on my 1947 Speed with the curtain
shutter.  The aperture calculated to f2.4!!  I'd need
some fast speeds.

I loaded 10 sheets of Efke 25 film and since it was
blustery and very cold outside, this proved to be
the perfect indoor camera treat.  As it turned out
I feared the focal plane shutter would cause movement
so I used the patented Jim Galli shutter that we all
had a good laugh at a few weeks back.  It worked
perfectly and I had times from 1/4 to 19 seconds.  I
enjoyed near perfect exposures on every sheet.

Below are the 10 photos in the order I made them.
I had great fun and could have done 20 about as
easily as 10.  The speed has 0 movements and I
could have actually expanded the focus plane
slightly with the deardorff's movements.  This little
lens has personality in spades!!  Should I let it
get away from me??

3 Oranges

Christmas Dome

Ives Locy 1

Ives Locy 2

BIG Camera

40 Ford Pedal Car

Piano 1

Piano 2